Lifelines collide - brought together by friends, a shooting star & an open mic night, Bel Canto Duo was

founded in 2016 by looping artist & cellist, David Downing, and English horn specialist, Darci Griffith

Gamerl. Bel Canto’s mission is to create meaningful connection by providing world-class classical-crossover

music in an entertaining & engaging format. The group combines their minimalist, cross-genre compositions

with classical music favorites and healing music therapy.

Reviewers have described Darci & David's performances as 'magical', 'the best sermon in town', a 'unique and

emotive sound' with 'electric chemistry'. Past clients & commissioners include the KANEKO, Lincoln Arts, the

International Double Reed Society, the National Music Museum the National Willa Cather Center & the

Durham Museum.

Angel's Share, released in June of 2023, features original work by the duo. Bel Canto Duo has grown

organically, focusing on the science of healing music modalities, community building and accessible live

music via their Summer Concert Series. The series was formed in response to the pandemic as a way to

develop community and connection combating high stress levels & isolation experienced by so many in

modern society.

As members of the Nebraska Arts Council Touring Artist Roster, the pair received the Outstanding New

Artist (2023) award by Omaha Entertainment Awards, Best Wedding Music by Nebraska Wedding Day

(2023) & the finalist award for the American Prize in composition & the Ernst Bacon Prize for the

performance of American music (2023).

The Four Cather Tableaux, commissioned by the National Willa Cather Center celebrate American author,

Willa Cather. The immersive suite features selected texts from A Lost Lady, April Twilights & Other Poems,

One of Ours & Nebraska: The End of the First Cycle. The interdisciplinary performance pairs music with a

multimedia presentation with the author's passages paired with powerful imagery of the Great Plains that

inspired so much of the notable author's work.